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     Since 1985 we have taken  pride in providing beautiful, hand-crafted and custom items for the movie industry, historical reenactors, mountain men, faire and fantasy folk, Native Americans, collectors and others.

     Our creations have appeared in a number of feature films including "The Last of the Mohicans", "Wagons East" and  "The Last of the Dogmen" to name only three. We are  family-owned and operated. We are happy to provide quality-crafted products for your  pleasure.

     We take pride in our products and use only top quality materials and never cut corners. We believe in true customer sasisfaction. If there is an item you would like and we cannot obtain it or make it for you, we have no problem providing you with information to guide you to other craftsopeople who will be able to help you.
     We believe if customer satisfaction means putting you in touch with one of our competitors, so that you may obtain what you need, we will do so happily. We stand behind the quality of our workmanship. So, feel free to browse our catalogue and make your purchases with confidence.

Our objective is to provide a high quality product and reliable service for our customers. We hope you will enjoy visiting our website and using our products as much as we enjoyed providing them for you.

New Creation

This beautiful fantasy headdress is hand-crafted and comes signed and dated by the artist. The perfect addition for that next costume contest or fantasy faire!


White Unicorn Headdress



C. R. Cotton P.O. Box 4321 Huntington Beach, CA 92605

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